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>> 'Junk' DNA reveals vital role
>> Company's gene therapy go-ahead
>> German Nano/Biotech Programs
>> Firms vie for share of biometrics pie
>> Intersection of Nanotech and Biotech
>> Biotech's Economic Boom
>> 3D Facial Recognition technology
>> Stem cells used for sick siblings
>> African groups criticize US food aid
>> The Transgenic Flower Market
>> Britain To Test Biometric ID Cards
>> EU Ministers To Rule On GM Ban
>> Reprotech: Building Better Babies?
>> Biometric ID Card Bill (UK)
>> State Bill Labels GM Seeds
>> Israeli Biotech Cos and US Marketing
>> Cal Biotech Rice Battle
>> Trace-Amounts Legislation
>> Malaysian Bioethics Committe formed
>> Cloned Cats on sale
>> Sweden backs cloning research
>> Eugene Thacker's Biomedia
>> Canada Closes Door On Cloning
>> USDA update on biotech regulation
>> GE DNA contamination in seeds
>> 2004 GEAN Conference
>> New politics from bacterial sex?
>> Cloning Creates Human Embryos
>> genetic contamination of organic corn
>> Rules on Biotech Crops to Be Revised
>> GE crops up 15% worldwide
>> Germany sees biotech advancing
>> GM Giants Pin Hopes On Africa
>> GM DNA found in digestive tract
>> EC challenges biotech-free zones
>> GM & the Legal Policy Vacuum
>> Genetic killer to destroy species
>> U.S. & Australia Sign Free-Trade Pact
>> Doctor 'implants cloned embryo'
>> Gene Therapy/Lukemia Development
>> Nanotech Network Approved by NSF
>> Bush approves nanotech program
>> WIPO steps up action on trad knowledge
>> $25m Gates gift to GM project under fire
>> F.D.A. Calls Cloned Animals Safe as Food
>> Vaccine-Evading Mousepox Virus Created
>> Monsanto urges Brazil soy growers to pay
>> Laws: Reproductive technologies (Canada)
>> NHGRI Creeps Down the Pipeline
>> Europe deals double blow to biotech giants
>> Myths of Life Patenting
>> Africans Challenge Bush Claim for GM Food
>> EU turns down GMO-free zones
>> U.S. asks WTO to investigate EU policy
>> Judge lifts Brazilian court ban on GM seeds
>> Texas first to ban pharma crops?
>> Ushering in the Era of the Genome
>> US derailing India's biosafety reg system
>> Monsanto, duPont, others in Africa
>> U.S. toughens rules on GM crops
>> National Genes, Inc.
>> Fear of 'genetic apartheid'
>> Pioneer pays fine in GM corn mix-up