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This schedule is a basic outline of what we will be covering when - it is subject to change at anytime and you are not recommended to miss any classes. The class blog will be used for regular updates.

Day 1 (January 19)

+ Introduction (course content syllabus, expectations, methodology)
+ Q + A
+ Personal Introductions
+ view interactivity examples: A is for Apple, Samorost,, Sonic Memorial, Learning to Love You More , Trails Forever (Amy Franceschini), Crank the Web + GPS Hog (Jonah Brucker-Cohen), IDEO's Social Mobiles
+ Prototyping/Methodology examples: The Office of the Professional
+ Homework:
1. Set up individual blogs on Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress (for reading responses + journaling)
2. Read: Vannevar Bush "As We May Think" (post short responses to blog before next class)

Day 2 (January 24)

+ Short discussion of reading: Vannevar Bush "As We May Think"
+ Presentation on internet basics (CUP's The Internet is Serious business)
+ Using Netfiles to host your web-based assignments

Some Tutorials and HTML help:
- HTML basics tutorial
- HTML reference guides
- How to render special characters with HTML (ampersands, etc.)
- XHTML and HTML Essentail Training video tutorials (must be on lab computer or using IllinoisNet connection)
- And if you just can't help yourself - HTML 5 basics
+ Exercise: Using a selection of text and images from this "page" (a blog post by film maker Errol Morris), link together 10-15 pages. 2 links per page, using words in the text or a picture as the link - your choice should help "bridge" the page containing the link with the page being linked to. Upload the finished exercise to your netfiles, in a folder titled exercise1 (inside your "www" folder - this is important) and post a link to your blog. (if you don't finish in class, have this uploaded to your netfiles before Jan 31)
+ Homework: Read Judith Stein's "Sins of Omission: Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum" (post responses to blog before next class)

Day 3 (Jan 26)

+ Begin Assignment 1: Exhibiting Objects
+ view: Beyond Point & Click: LA Freewaves (Eric Loyer)

Day 4 (Jan 31)

+ Basic image manipulation for the web and file format optimization techniques
+ Basic formatting Cascading Style Sheets: CSS (reference guide) (simple CSS/xhtml example)
+ Exercise: use CSS to style the content of the exercise from last week. Style type using the header, paragraph, link psuedo-classes, and custom classes, and also change the page background color. Post to netfiles in folder titled exercise 2 (AGAIN - in your www folder) and post a link to your blog.

Day 5 (Feb 2)

+ Assignment 1 work

Day 6 (Feb 7)

+ Assignment 1 work.

Day 7 (Feb 9)

+ Screening of Existenz

Day 8 (Feb 14)

+ Group work on Assignment 1
+ Documenting the prototype

Day 9 (Feb 16)

+ More complex CSS/XHTML (placement) - some examples to work from:
nesting styles, overflow in divs
+ A CSS in-class test - make this layout, post to netfiles in a folder titled exercise 3 and post a link to your blog

Day 10 (Feb 21)

+ View video documents of paper prototypes Assignment 1
+ Reading: Lev Manovich's "Data Visualisation as New Abstraction and Anti-Sublime" (read and post response to blog before class)
+ Data-based art examples: Walczak/Wattenberg's Apartment, Josh On's They Rule, DeGuezen's Unravelling, Lisa Jevbratt, MTAA Random Access Mortality, Benjamin Fry, The Atlas Group, George Legrady, Carnivore, infoaesthetics blog, We Feel Fine
+ Working With Data Feeds: Yahoo Pipes
+ Create a mash-up feed using Yahoo Pipes
+ XML/RSS Podcasts (XML Basics)
- A simple XML file using a CSS stylesheet

Day 11 (Feb 23)

+ Begin Assignment 2: Gestural Interface
+ Gestural interface scavenger hunt! Find examples of people using getures to produce a result (think broadly: flagging down a taxi, waving hello, hand signals for "I'll call you"). Make quick skecthes/notes that explain the gestures. Take 30 min, find at least 5. We'll present these in class.
+ Exercise: create one podcast with three tracks. Upload to netfiles in folder titled exercise 4
+Continue RSS exercise
+ Exercises 1 - 3 (HTML + CSS) must be completed and uploaded to your netfiles, in your "www" folder and in appropriate subfolders ("exercise1," "exercise2", etc)

Day 12 (Feb 28)

+ Final draft of video for paper prototypes must be uploaded & project report due by email
+ More XML
- XML presented with XSL (the XSL doc)
- RSS 2.0 specs
- Sample Podcast (open in Firefox and iTunes)
- Apple's specs on creating iTunes specific podcasts
+ Exercise:
1) make an xml document that organizes a selection of the gestures you have been studying so far. Give the gestures names, descriptions, identify meanings, provide images, describe why your looking at them. Use CSS to style the XML in a manner that reveals the hierarchy of information.
Post both your xml and css files in a folder titled "xml_gestures1" on netfiles.
2) With the same document, use XSL to format the date into a table
Post both your xml and xsl files in a folder titled "xml_gestures2" on netfiles.

Day 13 (March 2)

+ Assignment 2 work
+ Pitch ideas to class - present research (use your blog to host images, notes or use a powerpoint presentation). Presentations should be very brief (under 5 minutes), but need to provide context and background of your chosen direction.

Day 14 (March 7)

+ Assignment 2 - presentations of images
+ Processing
+ processing workshop files (zip file)

Day 15 (March 9)

+ Processing

Day 16 (March 14)

+ Assignment 2 videos due for presentations
+ Introduction + discussion of Assignment 3
+ Homework (read and post blog comments by March 28): Denis Cosgrove's Carto City & Multidisciplinary Interaction Design for Alternative City Tourisms (workshop case study)

Day 17 (March 16)

+ Processing
+ Homework: Psychogeographic walk and documentation
Look at/read this: John Krygier's notes on Psychogeography and the Body as a data collection device
Follow the directions provided on this Google Map. (Due March 28)

Day 18 (March 28)

+ Discussion of Cosgrove's Carto City + Psychogeography exercise + design case study
+ In class brainstorm for locative media problems for Assignment 3

Day 19 (March 30)

+ Processing
+ Homework: low-tech interfaces, assignment 3 (due April 11)

Day 20 (April 4)

+ Processing
+ Discuss next steps - read Low Tech Sensors & Actuators.

Day 21 (April 6)

+ Processing + Arduino

Day 22 (April 11)

+ Critique + demo of Assignment 3 low-tech interfaces

Day 23 (April 13)

+ Processing
+ Begin part 2 of assignment 3 (storyboards due April 20)

Day 24 (April 18)

+ Processing

Day 25 (April 20)

+ Discuss storyboards independently with teams

Day 26 (April 25)

+ Processing

Day 27 (April 27)

+ Processing

Day 28 (May 2)

+ demos of Processing + Arduino projects

Day 29 (May 4)

+ Final videos due uploaded - in class critique