Good morning.
It's 5:38 Sun, 17 Dec 2017


Jan 20

+ Intro to class
+ Set up Youtube or Vimeo account (or other hosting service), create a playlist and email Ryan a link to it.
+ Introduce Assignment 1 (Rhythm & Chaos)
+ View Len Lye "Free Radicals" and other short films by Norman McLaren
+ Reading: "Art, Entertainment, Entropy," from Gene Youngblood's Expanded Cinema (pp. 59-65)

Jan 22

+ Discuss reading
+ Basics of After Effects
+ For outside help, see tutorials
Especially useful: Basics of animation + Animating with keyframes

Jan 27

**** Assignment 1 (Rhythm & Chaos) DUE (must be uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo)
+ Next Assignment: Stop Motion (view Svankmajer, etc)
+ Next Readings: Jorge Luis Borges & Adolfo Casares, "On Exactitude in Science" + David Graeber's "What's the Point If We Can't Have Fun?"
a) Clip on animator/film maker Eric Saks
b) Historia Naturae by Jan ┼ávankmajer
c) Martha Colburn's Dolls VS Dictators
d) Norman McLaren's Neighbors
e) Stan Vanderbeek

Jan 29


Feb 3

+ Crit/discuss Stop Motion assignment
+ Next Assignment: soundscape
+ Screen sound-based works: Christina Kubisch; Stephen Vitiello
+ Next readings: Luigi Russolo's "The Art of Noises" + "Acoustic Ecology and Ethical Listening"

Feb 5

+ Basics of sound recording and mixing
+ Quick start guide to using Zoom recording devices
+ Work on Assignment 3

Feb 10

+ Crit/discuss Soundscape assignment [final, mixed files]
+ Next assignment: Long Take
+ Readings: The Zapruder Film and Passolini (From "The Cinematic") + Wenders "Time Sequences"
+ View: Sections of Mike Figgis "Timecode" and Sokurov's "Russian Ark" and Van Sant's "Elephant" and Cuarón's "Children of Men" and Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights" and William Wegman's early videos and Dan Graham "Performer/Audience/Mirror"

Feb 12

+ Work on Long takes

Feb 17

+ Crit/discuss Long takes
+ Next assignment: Loop (view this New Yorker short meditation on repeating and looping imagery; Rodney Graham's "Vexation Island" & "How I Became a Ramblin' Man" & these animations by Thoka Maer)
+ Next readings: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

Feb 19

+ Work on Loops

Feb 24

+ Crit/Discuss Loops
+ Next assignment: Dream sequence
+ View: Doug Aiken "Black Mirror" + "Migration"; Jeremy Blake "Century 21"; Eija-Lissa Ahtila's "House"; Hans Richter
+ Next Reading: Ursula LeGuin "Buffalo Gals"

Feb 26

+ Work on Dream sequence
+ Exercise in editing together different aesthetics. Use these videos (with no sound): 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Conquest of Light; Every Minute Counts
+ Discuss plans for production

March 3

+ Work on Dream sequence

March 5

+ Crit/discuss Dream sequences
+ Next assignment: Documentary
+ Next Reading (is a video): Brian Springer: "Spin"

March 10

+ Errol Morris's "Thin Blue Line"
+ NFB's Capturing Reality

March 12

+ Lighting and audio for interviews
+ Work on Documentary

March 17

+ Work on Documentary (editing)

March 19

+ Crit/discuss Documentaries
+ Next assignment: Object study
(View Douglas Gordon's "Play Dead, Real Time"; an exploration of a grain elevator; the descriptive videos of Cynthia Hooper; Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle's "Le Baiser (The Kiss)"; Allora and Calzadilla's "Returning a Sound"; Ramin Bahrani's "Plastic Bag"; Sarah Morris's "Points on a Line"; This video about a 35mm film projector; Benj Gerdes's "Populus Tremula") + Next Reading: Jennifer Price "The Pink Flamingo"

March 23-27: SPRING BREAK

April 2

+ Work on Object study

April 7

+ Work on Object study

April 9

+ Crit/discuss Object study
+ Next assignment: Network
(view: View: Hillary Harris "Organism", Benj Gerdes "Populus Tremula", Harun Farocki "Inextinguishable Fire",Alex Rivera's "Border in the Air", Amos Latteier "Birds and Gods")
+ Next Reading: Rebecca Solnit "World in a Cup"

April 14

+ Studio work

April 16

Hank Willis Thomas lecture (KAM 62, 5:30p)

+ Studio work (shooting, production, planning)

April 21

+ Studio work - editing

April 23

+ Crit/discuss Network
+ Next Assignment: Video Diptych/Binocular Montage
+Watch: excerpt from Kerry Tribe's "HM"; "In the Labyrinth"; Maria Niro's "Glitch Telemetry"; Lucy & Jorge Orta's "Amazonia"; Christian Marclay's "Video Quartet" (and a simulated version);
Next Reading: Miranda July "The Boy From Lam Kien"

April 28

+ Studio work

April 30

+ Studio work

May 5

+ Crit/discuss Diptychs